Everything A Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You To Know – Who Has Control Over Your Deal Anyway?

Okay home buyers and sellers, It’s that time of year again! Time to think about doing what people always do, year after year, in the same predictable way as always. What is that you ask?

Home sellers will call real estate agents to come out to their house to sell them on signing a long-term listing contract with a 50/50 chance of getting hooked up with an under-performing, part time quasi-lazy sales agent who sells real estate (maybe) to “augment their income”. That’s right, home sellers all over America will be duped into dumb deals with fast talking agents who will simply throw their listing into the MLS (multiple listing service) and hope another agent gets lucky and sells it for them. The same old stuff, year after year…

And home buyers too… they will call real estate companies to “inquire about homes” and end up spilling their financial guts out to some para professional, part time real estate sales person (who typically “legally” represents sellers and not buyers) and from there it goes downhill in favor of the agent. That’s right! The agent will have you sign enormous amounts of disclosures and other documents in the process of finding all they need to know about your financial wherewithal to buy a home, information that should really be kept confidential until the (right strategic time for the buyer), not the agent. Nope, that’s not how the real estate people play home buyers. They send them to “friendly” loan officers to get pre-qualified for a home loan and by the time you go out to look at houses, the agents know way more than they should about you, your numbers and your buying strategies. The result? You will pay several more thousands of dollars then you should… money you should have, could have and would have kept in your pocket if you only knew how to play the game. But you don’t and they do and you lose, whether you realize it or not, every time.

And you can forget about the crooked little buyer broker too… that’s a scam if I ever saw one and fodder for a future article. I will say this about buyer reps: how can a real estate agent sign a listing contract to represent the “best interests” of a home seller and a buyer rep agreement to represent “the best interest” of a buyer at the same time? They can’t unless the buyer rep does not represent sellers whatsoever. Even then, it’s a little shaky for the buyers.

What’s the result of this mess? Home sellers waste time and money, buyers spend to much money and the real estate agents earn big fats commission checks whenever they get around to having someone else sell a home for them.

There is so much home buyers and sellers don’t know that I had to write two books, one for buyers and one for sellers called “Everything A Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You To Know” to cover their bases effectively. There are so many problems lurking in the real estate system that it will simply blow you away… and it costs consumers billions of unnecessary dollars each year playing the game according to the stupid rules WRITTEN by “licensed sales agents”. Now, what’s wrong with that picture? I’ll tell you what is wrong with that picture…

CAVEAT EMPTOR or buyer beware. Whether you are a home seller or a home buyer you better know what you are doing because if you get screwed, well, that is your own fault. How could that be you ask? Because the NAR (national association of realtors) is one of the largest special interest groups in the nation and they have squeezed congress to write real estate laws in their favor. Which means, if you make a bad decision in a real estate deal, shame on you, that’s your bad, not theirs. You should have known how to play the game. That’s fair isn’t it? They have real estate licenses… but you are on your own…. That’s fair!

So before you run down the road to connect with an agent and spend thousands of dollars, you may want to click the link below…

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How To HIRE The Real Estate Agent, Who’s Best. For You?

Since, for most of us, our house represents, our single – biggest, financial asset, when the time comes, when you decide, it’s time, to relocate, and sell it, shouldn’t you, do all you can, to get the best, positive results? Each of us are individuals, with individual needs, goals, and prioritizes, and different people, create different connections and memories, in/ with, their homes. For most, they seek, the highest possible, available price, in the shortest, possible period of time, and a minimum of hassle, but, precisely, what each of these means, and represents, should be thoroughly discussed, during the period, you are interviewing potential real estate agents, to represent, market and sell your home! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the key components and considerations, regarding who, you should HIRE, as your agent.

1. Healing; head; heart; house: In many cases, the transaction period, from the time, one has his home, listed, on the market, to when the closing is accomplished, includes many emotional moments, stresses and strains. You need an agent, who prioritizes healing, and bringing together, a quality, meeting – of – the – minds. The head of an agent (meaning, the logic, technical prowess, and attention to necessary details), combined with someone with the necessary heart (to care about his clients), should be examined, up – front. Will the individual you choose, be ready, willing, and able, to look at your house, objectively, and tell you, what you need to know, rather than merely, what you might prefer and want, to hear?

2. Integrity; insights; imagination; issues: Ask probing questions, and pay attention, to whether a prospective agent, possesses the utmost degree of genuine, absolute integrity, you need, seek and desire! Does someone present and offer insights, beyond the same – old, same – old? What kind of relevant imagination does he possess, and how, will he focus, and address, potential issues, and obstacles?

3. Relevant; reasoning/ rationale; realistic; responsive/ responsible: During your discussions, observe, whether the individual, discusses relevant considerations, or, seems, stuck – in – the – past! Can you understand his reasoning, and his rationale? Is he suggesting realistic pricing, based on the competition and other factors, or making empty promises? How responsive is this person, when you ask a question, because if you aren’t satisfied, at the onset, will you be comfortable, with his responsibilities, duties, and insights, in the future?

4. Empathy; excellence; endurance; energy/ energize: Examine whether any agent listens, effectively, far more than he speaks! You need someone with the utmost, genuine empathy, who is willing to proceed with the utmost excellence, rather than good – enough! Great agents need real endurance, and preparation for contingencies, etc. You will be best served, by someone, with personal energy, and an ability to energize, inspire and motivate others!

Protect your financial assets, and HIRE the best agent, for your needs and prioritizes! Are you, up to the task?

How to Choose The Right Real Estate Agent For You

Whether buying, or selling a home, choosing the right real estate agent or buyers agent, is the most important step to take. The process of buying or selling a home is very detailed and difficult. In addition to the fact that mistakes can cost a great deal of money?

Your assets are on the line, and losing through the purchase or sale is the last thing you want to do. There are many real estate agents around. The ones that are dedicated and stay with you every step of the way, or the ones that farm out the work to other brokers.

The areas of expertise you need to look for are:

· How much education in the area of real estate does the agent have?

· How much knowledge does the agent have about the homes in the areas you are looking at?

· Do they have a wide variety of homes for sale for you to view?

The title that carries the most education and experience is a real estate broker. The real estate broker has a real estate license, training, and is recognized by the National Association of Realtors. This professional would likely be able to assist you with all of the needs you would have for buying or selling a home.

After the real estate broker is the realtor. This professional received the real estate license, and some additional training. He or she has also received recognition from the National Association of Realtors.

Finally the real estate agent is a person who has received the license, however may not have the same amount of experience as the more seasoned broker.

Most states have minimal requirements for being a real estate agent and this is the cause for some of the issues that are incurred during the transferring of ownership of a home. However keep in mind that at all levels of this expertise there are good agents, realtors and brokers. Doing a little checking can help you find the right one for you.

Most of the time a real estate agent is representing the seller of the home. If you are looking to buy a home, you are looking for a real estate buyer’s agent. This is important because you want to be represented in the best interest of your needs. Not those of the person on the other end of the deal.

When you are doing your research about the right agent for you, you will want to look for the commitment you deserve. There are many agents on the market just like there are many homes to be sold. If you do not get the attention and prompt response you deserve, go looking for someone else. They will make a profit from your purchase and they should be treating you with a reasonable amount of respect and professionalism.

The rule of thumb is that you want a real estate agent that has been around for a couple of years. With the turn around in the real estate market the way it is, this is the reason it may take you contacting a couple of agents.

You want to start your search by getting the right real estate representative for you. The home you are looking for will come along. There are bait and switch agents out there who specifically use a house within a price range and look that is appealing to the average home purchaser and then when they get the call, they may tell you it is sold, but there is another they have that you will love also. Keep this in mind so as to not get stuck by a tricky agent, instead look for the representative, agent, or broker that will show you what is available at all levels of purchasing and will keep your best interest in mind.

What’s Your Real Estate Agent’s QUEST?

Before you hire any individual, to become your real estate agent, it’s important to fully examine, your choices, and options/ alternatives, so you maximize your potential to act wisely, and protect, what, for most people, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, their home! When you interview, potential candidates, listen carefully, and fully consider, their personal QUEST, and mission. This will help you be assured, the agent, you choose, has your best interest in mind, instead of theirs! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, whether one is buying or selling his home, is an important consideration.

1. Quality/ qualities; question: What qualities, are you seeking, in the individual, you choose, and hire, to represent your interests, in such an important process? How might you ensure, during the interview process, the specific agent, is a person, of genuine quality? Ask challenging questions, and observe, how they respond, and their apparent attitude, body language, and focus! Is it about them, or you? Do they ask you any questions about your needs, goals, aspirations, and personal situation?

2. Unique; usual/ unusual; useful: What does a specific person, offer, which provides, relevant, unique, performance, etc? Determine whether he, might be able, to, fully consider, both, the usual, and unusual, requirements of real estate representation! Will the person, you hire, offer, the best, most useful, service and representation?

3. Empathy; emphasis; energy; excellence; ethics: Consider, whether someone, effectively listens, and learns, and is willing to proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! Discuss his emphasis, and whether, he maintains, the utmost degree of genuine energy! Demand the highest degree of personal excellence! Never hire any agent, unless you believe, in their personal and professional ethics!

4. Service; solutions; system: Great agents provide the utmost service to their clients, every day! They provide relevant, viable solutions, which will benefit you, consistently! Let them explain, their system, including the core of their marketing plans, and why, it is the best one, for you!

5. Timely: When you set an appointment, beware of any agent, who is not, on – time. If they won’t be, for this essential meeting, isn’t it an indication, they will probably, fail to proceed, with the necessary degree and commitment to timely action!

Before you hire a real estate agent, fully consider, and examine, their real QUEST, and who it, primarily, serves! Protect your investment, and ease the transaction period.

How to Find the Right Real Estate Broker

Buying a property is a cumbersome process involving multiple steps. You need professional help to make it easy. In order to achieve success in this objective, you have to find a certified property agent who makes the entire process smooth, without any glitches or delays. As this profession has no screening method to allow entry to upright brokers only, any person can become a broker. Therefore, it is a challenge to get the right agent. Certain measures are important in this regard – to be safe rather than regret later.

What you can do is to select the area in which you plan to buy a property and then ask local contacts to recommend a broker without any sullied record. The initial filter works well as you are likely to get some recommendations. The next step involves seeking verified brokers. Some progressive states in different locations require property agents to register themselves with the government. Only those verified can operate legally. Now with strict regulations in the real estate sector coming into force, you can look for a property portal that allows only certified agents to operate. Sign up with a verified agent for your real estate needs and stay away from shady operators.


Is the agent right if he just fixes the deal, takes his commission and goes his way? Absolutely not. You are not looking for an agent who is a professional only in money matters. Your search for the right agent is over when you find an agent who is willing to perform all his duties as a professional and give you complete peace of mind. The real estate agent must prepare a shortlist of suitable properties and show you the ones matching your specifications. Once you have chosen a property, the stage of price negotiation between the buyer and the seller should be handled carefully as many good deals fall apart because of lack of patience and extra effort which the agent is required to put in.

The agent should do homework about the property records. He should introduce you to a good lawyer who authenticates the documents. As you are busy with your work, you do not get time to visit the registrar offices for searching records, to establish whether the seller is the actual owner or there are other undisclosed co-owners. Preparing the schedule of payment and agreement papers is also the job of the agent. He should structure the deal in such a way that the client is not cheated. That is why it is said that finding the right agent is a tough task. But it is not impossible. You need to plan it carefully and conduct initial checks. If you do not remain wise in selecting the agent, you are likely to encounter serious problems later.

Unscrupulous Agents

As there are many shady dealers operating in the market, you run the risk of being cheated in several ways. He could make you buy a disputed property or a one enmeshed in litigation despite knowing the reality. Also, he could make you invest in a project likely to be delayed or buy from a developer who lacks the financial capacity to complete the project. An agent should not charge you more than the fixed commission.

A buyer should be aware of certain aspects of the property market and familiar with the tricks of agents. To get more relief, he should find out if there is an online portal where only certified agents are allowed to operate. Then, at least he knows right from the beginning that he is looking at the genuine players and he is going to select a top-rated agent with good reviews on the portal.