Why Quality Real Estate Representation Is An ART

Since there are, in most areas of this country, a large number of licensed real estate agents, it’s easy to understand, why it might be challenging for most clients, whether homeowners, hoping to sell, or qualified buyers, looking for a home, of their own, to differentiate, and distinguish, and determine, which individual, might best serve their specific needs. It is wise, for, both, buyers and sellers, to carefully interview potential agents, and learn, who they feel most comfortable with, and will be willing to follow the suggestions and advice, offered. Real estate representation is, both, an ART, as well as, a science, and your ideal agent, should be above average, in both ways. The science is the technique and technical capabilities of the individual, and mastery of the laws, competition, etc. This article will attempt to review, consider, and briefly discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of key aspects of the so – called, ART.

1. Attitude; attention; answering; astute: This must begin, by possessing, a true, consistent, can – do, positive attitude. When one looks to ways to achieve, he avoids problematic thinking, and becomes proactive, rather than reactive. When obstacles are considered, challenges, to overcome, all opportunities are considered, and agent, and client, work closely together, as a team, to achieve the best objectives. This allows one to pay keen attention to the most important issues, rather than sweating the petty stuff. Great agents happily, address, and answer questions, and perceptions, in order to ease the process, for clients. An astute agent, proceeds, in a clever, focused, prepared way, and possesses, both the self – confidence, as well as absolute integrity, to place clients first.

2. Relevant; relationship; rational; rationale; ramifications; One must have a relevant knowledge of the market and current trends, etc. When agent and client, develop a relationship, based on trust, and understanding, they proceed on the same – page, and your representative must prioritize your specific needs, goals, priorities and perceptions. Pricing is an art, and one needs a rational agent, willing to articulate his reasoning and rationale. Remember, there are ramifications, to how one prices, markets, and negotiates, and, in many circumstances, one must take advantage of the opportunities.

3. Timely; tell truth; earn trust; trends: Agents should tell the truth, even if it does not always benefit their personal agenda or self – interest. This will earn trust, and enable timely, well – considered, tweaks, etc. The finest agent recognizes, and utilizes, relevant trends, for his client’s best interests.

Never overlook the ART of real estate representation. This is the component, which requires a human touch.