Real Estate Agents Make It About BENEFITS!

When a professional, real estate agent, explains his reasoning, and articulates it, to his present, and potential clients, he must do so, in a motivating, inspiring manner, making it about how, certain services, might BENEFIT them, rather than, merely a recitation of services offered! If you were considering selling your home, and interviewing potential real estate agents, to decide, who to hire, would you prefer, merely, being informed about a series of services, etc, or, how, and why, specific things, might be, extremely beneficial to your specific needs, goals, and priorities? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is significant, and matters.

1. Bring it!: How will a specific agent, bring the finest services, which address the needs, goals, priorities, and perceptions, of clients, and potential buyers? How should someone bring it, to fruition, and make a difference, for the better? How thorough is the commitment?

2. Excellence: Rather than settling for, good – enough, you need to be represented by, someone, committed to, the highest standards of personal excellence, and representation! From the beginning stages, throughout the marketing and selling processes, and through, the closing, this commitment must be maintained, and guaranteed!

3. Needs: Every homeowner has specific needs, some, which may be unique to his circumstances, and property, while others may be shared, with others. How an agent focuses on personal service, focused on his client’s needs, and a willingness to customize and adapt his representation, determines, whether he’s the best personal, to hire, for you!

4. Endurance: What differentiates the greatest agents, from the rest – of – the – pack, often, is their level of endurance! There will always be obstacles, and challenges, during the transaction, and marketing periods, and, it is essential, to, consistently, proceed, forward, by transforming obstacles to challenges, to overcome, instead of problems!

5. Fruition: All the promises, and rhetoric, don’t really count, unless/ until, the most desirable result, is brought to fruition!

6. Ideas; integrity; imagination; innovate: Begin by choosing someone, who clearly demonstrates, his genuine, absolute integrity! When this is combined with, a well – developed, relevant imagination, a willingness to innovate, if necessary, and clearly articulate the finest ideas, the homeowner benefits!

7. Trends; timely; time – tested: One needs to use, a quality combination, of using, time – tested, beneficial approaches/ actions, with fully utilizing, the most appropriate, beneficial trends! Never accept procrastination, because you need, to hire someone, ready, willing, and able, to consistently, proceed, with well – considered, timely actions, etc!

8. Service; systems; solutions: It’s important that representation, focuses on performing the finest service, and effectively using the systems, needed. to address needs, and priorities, and introduce viable solutions!

Before hiring an agent, ensure his focus, is on BENEFITS! Since, for most, the value of their house, represents their single – biggest asset, doesn’t that make sense?

How Real Estate Agents Should SERVE Clients?

As a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for well over a decade, I have often been asked, why a homeowner, is better served, by choosing, and using an agent, rather than trying to do it, himself! Choosing the right representation, for you, means, identifying, clearly, up – front, what you consider, your primary priority, and closely examining your reasoning, and rationale! While it’s simplistic, yet true, to state, the right agent should, and must, SERVE his clients, and place every client’s needs, etc, ahead of his own, self – interest, it might make sense, to examine, briefly what this means, and represents. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, how this must be, the highest priority and focus.

1. Service/ serves; strengths/ stronger; systems/ system; solutions/ solves; selling/ sales: When interviewing, for potential representation, a wise homeowner, carefully listens, and observes, which individuals, seem to emphasize, service, and indicates, ways, he serves his clients, best interests, and needs! This means, identifying, clearing, a specific property’s strengths, and weaknesses, and creates a strategy, to emphasize areas of strength, in order to make quality selling of the property, a stronger probability! He must know, which systems, to emphasize and stress, and share a marketing system, with his client, in order to work together, with teamwork, towards achieving the finest solutions, which seek to solve, the homeowner’s needs, and objectives!

2. Empathy; emphasis: When interviewing potential agents, it is wise, to consider, which ones, listen effectively, to you, and your needs, rather than trying to dominate the conversation. Selling houses, should be somewhat, customized, and not, a, one – size – fits – all, approach! When one proceeds with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, he becomes far more capable of placing his emphasis, where it might do, the most good!

3. Relevant; reliable; responsive/ responsible; realistic: What good is any agent, if he doesn’t provide, relevant professionalism? His clients must consider him to be reliable, and responsive to their needs, goals, and priorities! It’s not responsible, or beneficial, unless/ until, his recommendations are realistic!

4. Value; values; viable; views; vision: Great agents provide far more value to their clients, in order to demonstrate, why they should be chosen! Their values must be shared with their clients, and they must clearly explain their views, and rationale, for a specific approach. What good is any vision, unless/ until, it provides, the finest, most viable solutions, and actions?

5. Energize; excellence; endure; enrich: Since, for many, the process, is often, a stressful one, your agent should have the personal energy, and attitude, to energize you, in a positive way! His focus must be to provide genuine excellence, throughout this period, and he must have the endurance, to proceed forward, seamlessly, regardless of obstacles! Unless one enriches, those he represents, he isn’t serving his clients needs and objectives!

The best agents consistently, prioritize, the best way, to SERVE his clients! Since, for most people, their house, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?

Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents

Honesty and Integrity

Sellers need an honest agent, one that will tell them like it is, even if it’s not the easiest to hear. This type of agent will lay out exactly what the seller can expect. From sale price to timing and more. In the end, honesty will save the sellers lots of worry.

Knowledge of Technology

Agents that can use technology with ease are going to be more up-to-date with the current market within the areas. They will most likely be more of an organized agent who has their business in order. This is the type of agent sellers prefer selling their homes.

Enthusiasm for Real Estate

Real Estate is a complex business. It is more than just enjoying HGTV and touring homes. Its requires knowledge of the local community, real estate trends and date along with sales and negotiating skills. The most successful agents love every aspect of Real Estate. When you have enthusiasm for the process, it will feed your clients excitement– and their trust in you. Therefore, enthusiasm is one of the most important characteristics of a great real estate agent.

Well Connected and Reputable

Agents should have a list of prospective buyers within the community and work with a well-known and well-connected real estate company. The more buyer and agents the Realtor knows the greater chance of selling the home quicker. Similarly, well-connected and reputable agents can expose the listings to potential buyers located out of state or internationally. International or out of state buyer are more likely to purchase a home from someone they know, trust and like. In other words, the size and quality of the agents’ network can greatly expand the pool of potential buyers, by putting the listing in front of out of state and international buyers. Testimonials from previous clients also influence the agents’ reputation.

Energy and Drive

To accomplish everything has needs to be done, everyday task, takes lots of energy and drive. In addition, organization. A typical day can involve meeting with buyers, doing listing presentations, putting up signage, showing homes, writing contracts, negotiating contract, attending meetings, keeping up with continuing education, and even moving around items in the home so they are out of sight for the listing pictures. Your drive and ambition, and probably your sense of humor, will keep you motivated throughout the week. Clients will note your energy and drive, just as they appreciate your enthusiasm for the business of Real Estate.

A Winning Personality

Most people expect their agents to have an outgoing personality. Do you have to be super-extroverted to be an agent? Not necessarily. However, one of the top characteristics of real estate agents is a winning personality-a personality that is pleasurable to be around.

Clients are looking for real estate agents they feel comfortable with, one that has traits that gel with their own. A personality that works with one client might not work with the other. In general, it is important to be likeable, friendly, and unafraid of putting yourself out there.

Backed by Local Date

An agent should know how to retrieve localized data and use it effectively. Local date points, including buyer demographics (who they are, where they are) and housing trends (top regions, average value of similar homes, home improvement spending etc.) can be used to price a home competitively, market appropriately, and negotiate intelligently.

Ready and Available

Real Estate is an unpredictable business, and you do not want to miss a sale or closing of a home because you were not available with someone showed interest on a property. Some agents prefer to work within a team of agents. This way, if the agent is not immediately available to respond an inquiry, another agent part of the team can take care of the interested party. Great agents are comfortable with constant communications and prompt replies to any inquiry. They are willing to communicate with phone, text, email and even after hours.

Attention to details

Top producing realtors are observant to details. They spot the smallest improvements that can make a home more marketable and desirable, take the best pictures that show case your home, create attractive MLS descriptions that stand out and make sure all the contract requirements are met in a timely matter.


Top producing agents do not give up easily. They will pursue every lead that shows even the slightest interest in a home. When a top agent hold an open house, they immediately contact everyone that visited the home to discuss the benefits of purchasing the home with them, this is what sellers appreciate about good agents, never give up attitude. They see it as every lead missed is a missed opportunity to sell the home and provide great service to the seller.

Why Real Estate Agents Need INSIGHTS?

In most areas of this country, there are a large number of real estate agents, yet, in most instances, a small percentage of them, do most of the business. Often, one of the primary considerations, in differentiating between the best agents, and the rest, of the pack, is their degree and quality of INSIGHTS! Clients need, and deserve the finest representation, and therefore, should carefully consider, which agent, best serves their needs, goals, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Integrity: Perhaps, more than any other, single quality/ aspect, you need and deserve to hire someone, who possesses the highest degree of personal and professional integrity, and proceeds, with ethics, which exceed, those required by most state’s laws, and the requirements and rules of real estate boards.

2. Needs: Every homeowner has certain differences, needs, requirements, goals, priorities, and perceptions! Only, when one is represented, by someone, who prioritizes these, is he making the best decision, for his personal interests, etc!

3. Service: A primary reason, to seek professional representation, is to receive the high quality of service, which makes a significant difference, for the better! How one is served, makes this possible, because it reduces the stresses, and tensions, associated with the real estate process, etc.

4. Imagination; innovate; insights: Results, usually, are enhanced and improved, when an agent possesses a well – developed, considered, imagination, which is relevant to creating better, finer results, etc! To do so, one must be ready, and willing, to innovate, and articulate, clearly, his insights, to his client, so they proceed, on the same – page, with the finest, most meaningful, degree of teamwork!

5. Good: Good should not be good – enough, because you deserve genuine excellence! Discuss with your potential agents, up – front, what they will do, for you, which differentiates them, from the rest – of – the – pack!

6. Head/ heart; healing: Many homeowners discover, one of the challenges, of putting their home on the market, is, often, balancing their emotional, with their logical ones! An agent must proceed, with a focus and emphasis, on healing, and easing, the process!

7. Timely; time – tested; trends: Professionals learn from their experiences, to become better, and more prepared. To do so, they understand and use, relevant, time – tested actions, while proceeding, without procrastination, in a well – considered, timely manner! In addition, this must be done, while taking advantage of those trends, which might, ease this process, in the client’s best – interests!

Since, for most of us, our home represents our single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to hire someone, with the INSIGHT, to make things better! Will you proceed, wisely?

Sellers – How Realtor’s Market Your Home to Other Realtors

Many first-time sellers believe the most important marketing tools a realtor can use when selling their property are yard signs and other visible online and print ads geared to the buying public. Although this is obviously important, a lesser known marketing tool that professional realtor’s use is marketing to other agents. The reality is that once a home listing is placed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), one of the most important marketing tools a realtor can utilize is the relationships he or she has with fellow agents in his office or with other agents within the community.

Depending on which office a realtor works for (whether it is a large office with a nationally known name or a private business) when your house is newly on the market, it is usually customary practice that the company will stage an “office preview” where every agent in the office will walk through and tour your home. This is important because for each agent who tours your home, they might be the one who has the potential client that may be looking for just the style, location and price your house has to offer.

Professional agents who represent the buyer usually are keen on what their clients’ needs and wants in a home are and thus will immediately contact their clients as well as the listing agent.

The buyer’s agent will usually approach or call your listing agent and ask the terms and details of the sale, including the compensation. If the transaction seems probable, most buyer’s agents will hustle to have their clients tour your home to see if it is a potential match and in turn they will beat out their competition at making an offer. Many homes are sold in just this way, often even before a yard sale sign goes up!

Although the seller is in effect, paying the commission of both agents, the financial incentive is also important to the buyer’s agent. Usually there are almost always two agents involved in every sale, they split the commission according to the listing agent’s instructions agreed upon on the original listing contract between the homeowner and the listing agent. For illustration purposes, the agent who has listed your home is usually referred to as the listing agent and the other agent representing the buyer is the buyer’s agent. If you are able to convince your listing agent to drop his commission, it doesn’t guarantee that the buyer’s agent will be too amenable to the idea if he or she is expected to lower his or her commission as well.

Since agents are paid on commission only, the fact is you won’t find as many agents willing to show your house – they’ll be showing houses to their clients that offer the customary commission to the buyer’s agent especially in a buyer’s market. While an agent’s commission is currently a raging point of contention in the news media, what many consumers are not aware of are the challenges in selling a home in a buyer’s market as well as in a state that has stringent regulations and aggressive (i.e.cutthroat) competition such as in California. In addition, most homeowners do not know that not only do a buyer’s agent and a listing agent split that “hefty” commission with each other, they also must split it with their broker or office depending on their individual sales production. Furthermore, since real estate agents are independent contractors, they must split that commission with the IRS who, depending on their individual tax bracket, can take a 45% bite out of their commission check. This fact alone might shed some light on why a professional buyer’s agent is very likely to be unhappy with a reduced commission and be less than motivated to show your house to his or her clients.

As for your listing agent, it is this combination of a professional agent’s ability to market to his or her’s peer-to-peer relationships coupled with his or her’s own knowledge, skill and professionalism that can make a huge difference in the final sale of your home. Depending on the agent’s negotiating skills and productivity, over time a professional listing agent develops an ability to negotiate well with other agents representing potential buyers– even those agents that may be new in the business and may not know all the ropes. Furthermore, it’s the agent’s ability to sell even in a buyer’s market that proves his or her sales skills and merit. These are all subtle sales skills that will ultimately contribute to a smooth transaction and the successful sale of your home.