Why Quality Real Estate Representation Is An ART

Since there are, in most areas of this country, a large number of licensed real estate agents, it’s easy to understand, why it might be challenging for most clients, whether homeowners, hoping to sell, or qualified buyers, looking for a home, of their own, to differentiate, and distinguish, and determine, which individual, might best serve their specific needs. It is wise, for, both, buyers and sellers, to carefully interview potential agents, and learn, who they feel most comfortable with, and will be willing to follow the suggestions and advice, offered. Real estate representation is, both, an ART, as well as, a science, and your ideal agent, should be above average, in both ways. The science is the technique and technical capabilities of the individual, and mastery of the laws, competition, etc. This article will attempt to review, consider, and briefly discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of key aspects of the so – called, ART.

1. Attitude; attention; answering; astute: This must begin, by possessing, a true, consistent, can – do, positive attitude. When one looks to ways to achieve, he avoids problematic thinking, and becomes proactive, rather than reactive. When obstacles are considered, challenges, to overcome, all opportunities are considered, and agent, and client, work closely together, as a team, to achieve the best objectives. This allows one to pay keen attention to the most important issues, rather than sweating the petty stuff. Great agents happily, address, and answer questions, and perceptions, in order to ease the process, for clients. An astute agent, proceeds, in a clever, focused, prepared way, and possesses, both the self – confidence, as well as absolute integrity, to place clients first.

2. Relevant; relationship; rational; rationale; ramifications; One must have a relevant knowledge of the market and current trends, etc. When agent and client, develop a relationship, based on trust, and understanding, they proceed on the same – page, and your representative must prioritize your specific needs, goals, priorities and perceptions. Pricing is an art, and one needs a rational agent, willing to articulate his reasoning and rationale. Remember, there are ramifications, to how one prices, markets, and negotiates, and, in many circumstances, one must take advantage of the opportunities.

3. Timely; tell truth; earn trust; trends: Agents should tell the truth, even if it does not always benefit their personal agenda or self – interest. This will earn trust, and enable timely, well – considered, tweaks, etc. The finest agent recognizes, and utilizes, relevant trends, for his client’s best interests.

Never overlook the ART of real estate representation. This is the component, which requires a human touch.

How Quality Real Estate Agents CALM Challenges?

Although, there are many real estate agents, some are, often, preferable, because, they, have certain skills, abilities, etc, which makes a difference, for the better! One of the necessities of quality, professional representation, is having the willingness and abilities, to CALM obstacles, by considering them, to be challenges, to overcome, instead of problems (which might overwhelm)! The finest agents must, not only master the ordinary skills, but also the extraordinary ones, and must, consistently, proceed, with genuine empathy, and caring, in order to calm, and reduce the stresses/ tensions, so often, associated with the home – purchasing, transaction period, from listing through closing. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Character; create; coordinate; caring; closing: One must possess the quality of character, to put their clients, first! It takes a great degree of relevant, creativity, to coordinate all aspects, from pricing it right, from the beginning, to the closing stage! Only, when an agent is caring, and puts his client’s best interests ahead of any personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest, will he be able to stem the negative possibilities, and be the best agent, possible!

2. Attitude; aptitude; attention; actions; articulate: When one proceeds with a genuine, positive, can – do, attitude, he always considers, an obstacle, to be, simply a challenge, to overcome! Combining that, with the well – developed, relevant skill – set, and aptitude, and pays keen attention, he begins to earn the right, to be hired as your agent! Instead of, simply, waiting for things, to happen, and playing – it – by – ear, we are generally, best served, when he proceeds, with a well – developed, action plan, and takes actions, proactively. He must, also, effectively, communicate, with his clients, in a truly, inspiring, motivating manner!

3. Listen; learn; leading: You need to hire an agent, who is committed to, and prepared, to be leading you, and making the finest suggestions, in your best interests! This individual must effectively, listen, and learn, so as to be able to proceed, with genuine empathy, and the ability to customize the approach (if necessary), to focus on your specific needs, goals, perceptions, fears, etc!

4. Motives; motivates; multi – task; make mark: Hire someone, who has the motives, which focus on you! This person must motivate you, to work, in your own best – interests! In order to make a mark, in the best direction, requires someone, ready, willing, and able, to multi – task, to handle everything needed, and required, for the best representation!

Hire an agent, who is ready, willing, and able, to CALM the challenges, confronted! Since one’s house, often represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?

5 Key Services, Quality Real Estate Agents, Offer

When one seeks to hire, the best real estate agent, to represent their needs, in a meaningful, realistic manner, it is important to seek someone, who will put them, first, and put, those they represent, first! There is no, one – size – fits – all, set of rules and guidelines, for, determining, precisely which agents, are best for you, but, it’s essential to remember, and understand, these 5 key benefits, and services, that representative, must provide for you, in your best interests. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, these, and, hopefully, help homeowners, determine, the best way to begin the process.

1. Marketing plan: When you interview potential people, for this position, listen carefully, to their proposed marketing plan, and why, they feel, it is the best way, to proceed. This means, evaluating the specific, niche – market, for getting you the best results, and how (and where), he will market, promote, and advertise your home. Also, ask why he feel that way, and whether, he is willing to fully, consider, your personal priorities, goals, etc, before beginning!

2. Showings: Understand, the key component, of marketing, and selling, which is, to get the right, qualified, potential buyers, to view it! If you want to get the house sold, it must have numerous showings, in most cases, so to find, just the right buyer! What might someone do, in order to offer, his client, the best, possible, scenario?

3. Negotiating: The first indication, the homeowner has, to identify, agents with the best negotiating skills, is to observe, how well, one negotiates, and defends, the commission, he asks for! Negotiating means putting a client’s best interests first, and assuming your ethical commitment, consistently. One must know, when to make a counter – offer, versus, when, to accept an offer. This must be done, in a focused, experienced manner!

4. Closing: The deal isn’t done, until/ unless, it goes to closing! This means, ensuring all paperwork. qualifications, focus, and emphasis, is on the bigger – picture, and every necessary detail, is considered, and taken into consideration, until the deal closes! Pay particular attention to any open, building permits, financing – related matters, and getting both sides’ attorneys, working together.

5. Hand – holding: Because, for most, the value of their house, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, there will be, much potential for tension, stress, angst, etc,, during the real estate transaction period. An empathetic, quality, desirable, real estate agent, must be ready, willing, and able, to hold his client’s hand, in a comforting manner!

You owe it to yourself, to find, the best agent, to represent your interests! Avoid short – cuts, or taking the path, of least resistance!

How Quality Real Estate Agents SHOW A House?

Although, there are many necessities of being a quality, real estate agent, one of the things, often – overlooked, is how, they will actually, SHOW the specific house. After all, agents only earn – their – keep, when/ if, they make a difference, for the better, in terms of marketing, and selling, any house, they represent! The next time you observe, for example, an Open House, observe, how someone shows the property, and interacts with potential, qualified buyers. Does he balance, the usual, with the unusual, so, he not only uses the time – tested techniques, and ways, but, thinks, outside – the – box, to customize his presentation/ showing, to demonstrate/ illustrate its specific strengths and possibilities? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, review, consider, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Service/ serving; sustainable; solutions; system; strengths/ stronger: An agent must provide the finest degree of excellence, and service/ representation, to his clients! Consider, whether you are serving this client’s best interests, needs, and priorities! How will a particular agent’s system, make a quality difference? How will he show, the property, to its best advantage, pointing out the strengths, and making the process, and possibilities, stronger, consistently? Will the solutions be, both, relevant and sustainable, and how will he, truly, serve his client?

2. Honesty; honorably; head/ heart; house/ home: Agents owe their clients, genuine honesty, and honorably, represent the best interests of them, rather than any personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest! They balance, the logical, physical aspects of selling and representing, with the emotional ones, in a head/ heart ratio! While they show a house, the art, is conveying how a prospective buyer, might visualize it, as their home!

3. Open Houses; options; opportunities: Different agents conduct Open Houses, differently! Some seem to go through the motions, and are, merely, there, while, owners are better served, when someone, uses these events, to enhance interest, and attention, and makes a connection, with attendees, especially those, who are serious, potential, qualified buyers! They point out the key options, as well as the opportunities, the subject property, possesses, and the possibilities, beyond what some, may be ready to easily, visualize!

4. Winning (features); wants/ wishes; where: What are the winning, most attractive (to others) features of a house, and how is the best way, to highlight, them? One must identify, understand, and know, what their client wants, and align that, with what, a prospective buyer, wishes for, and seeks. Is where the house is located, in terms of neighborhood, block, conveniences (to shopping, transportation, etc), relative safety of the area, and convenience to transportation, a positive, motivating factor, or a distraction?

If you hope to sell your home, it is wise, to SHOW it, to the best of its possibilities! Choose wisely, because, who you hire, often, makes lots of difference!